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Capturing the World of AR


New technologies allow you to scan a 3-D object or space, edit it, and share it with the world, all with just a smartphone. In this workshop, you will learn to create and customize 3-D captures yourself. With these new skills, you will determine a business use case for your content and test it with other participants.

Day One:

  • Introduction to 3-D scanning technology.
  • Develop an understanding of the differences between photogrammetry and volumetric capture.
  • Understand and identify use cases for different technologies.
  • Try the technology first hand and scan a 3D object.

Day Two:

  • Identify opportunities for digital disruption with AR in existing industries.
  • Assess business use cases and use trend and technology benchmarking to create new ideas.
  • Use ideation and convergence techniques for analysis and synthesis of new business ideas.
  • Develop a fully rounded concept applying your 3D captured content.

Dates & Location

Wednesday 24th - 25th February, 2021

Idea Lab


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