Bayan AlSadiq was born in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She first picked up a camera in December 2010, and never looked back. AlSadiq began photography as a passion, taking photographs of family and friends, the sights and streets during travels, and anything else that inspired her. She published these photographs on Flickr and Facebook, which served as the launching platforms for Bayan AlSadiq Photography. After getting traction upon going commercial in November 2011, AlSadiq studied photography at various institutions in New York City to further hone her skill. In New York, she was contracted by a number of high-profile clients, and several years and hundreds of clients later she branched out to Paris, a much sought-after target. AlSadiq’s portfolio now boasts clients such as the Four Seasons Hotel (New York, Riyadh, and Dubai), Plaza Athenee Hotel (Paris), Le Meurice Hotel (Paris), Baccarat (Paris), Fortnum & Mason (Dubai), and Ladurée (Paris and Dubai), among many more. AlSadiq has received accolades for her work and was featured in a number of international publications. In August 2018, she conducted a photoshoot for the Wall Street Journal to document women driving in the historically conservative city of Qassim at the moment the decades-long driving ban was lifted. AlSadiq has been a contributing photographer for the journal since.

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Wednesday 27th October, 2021

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