Title: Calligraphy Woodcarving

Join Alif for a full day woodcarving masterclass. Share his sources of inspiration, his tools and his materials. During this workshop you will learn how to carve your own beautiful wooden art spoons with the simple and adaptable knife techniques that Alif has developed. Ideal for both newcomers to woodcarving and experienced woodcarvers, the course focuses on giving you the skills to start and continue a project to create your own unique piece of wood art with nothing more than a knife and a little imagination. A great portable skill set that will give you the freedom to carve creatively, whether at home or out in the lovely quiet desert.

Exploring the whole process of art wood carving from sustainable wood selection and design principles to knife work, detailing and finishing you will gain a good foundation of knowledge into this traditional creative craft; a set of skills that you can easily adapt to carve almost anything. With a strong focus on Alif's principles of working in harmony with, and understanding the characteristics of the wood, participants of this workshop will learn to read the wood and allow its unique features to guide the design and carving process to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces of wood art from even the most unlikely pieces of wood.

The workshop is suitable for all levels of experience from newcomers to carving looking for an introduction to the artform as well as for those with experience of carving by knife already who wish to learn detail and decorative knife work techniques. Knives and wood will be provided.

Dates & Location

Saturday 30th October, 2021

1 day; 7 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower Floor 9 - Classroom 1



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Ali Alhmood

Ali AlHmood known as ‘Alif’ is a calligraffiti artist from Tarout island, KSA. I’ve had the pleasure of signing a couple of graffiti walls around my…