Lights, camera, action! With the World Filmmaking track, older kids are encouraged to get creative and try out filmmaking. Kids can create their films using the spaces and resources available at home.

Before We Start:

The camp offers activities that last two to four hours a day in addition to the live broadcast. The subscriber can log in and do activities any time of the day.

Caregivers’ involvement is essential in the summer camp.

Important notice for caregivers:

  1. The expected learning hours this camp offers are two to four hours per day.
  2. Caregivers involvement is essential in the summer camp.
  3. Assistive Technology, braille coding, or Sign Language is not provided.
  4. Please note anything posted on the summer camp public forum is seen by all participants and may be reused by Ithra for marketing, branding, or research. Ithra is not held responsible and liable for use of information posted on public forums.

Dates & Location

Sunday 9th August, 2020

Website/ Livestream

13-15 Years


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