Da Vinci, Picasso, and you! The World Arts Lab introduces you to vibrant color creations, different art tools, and the science behind each tool inspired by artists around the world.

Session #1: from 5 July to 16 July

Session #2: from 19 July to 30 July

Session #3: from 9 August to 20 August

Before We Start

The camp offers activities that last two to four hours a day in addition to the live broadcast. The subscriber can log in and do activities any time of the day.

Caregivers’ involvement is essential in the summer camp.

  • View the materials needed for this track, click here
  • As an option, a kit has been organized to include some of the materials needed to complete the activities. To purchase this kit from Jarir, click here.Found on website only

Important notice for caregivers:

  1. Please note that the language specified on the ticket is the language of the track.
  2. Assistive Technology, braille coding, or Sign Language is not provided.
  3. Ithra is not held responsible or liable for use of information posted on public forums.

Dates & Location

Sunday 9th August, 2020

Website/ Livestream


English, Arabic

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Anfal Al-Dubel

Anfal Muhammad Khaled Al-Dubel: a designer and a developer for children’s programs, and an organizer and coordinator for the annual activities at the…

Haifa Alghamdi

Haifa Alghamdi, is the Leader of the Children’s team at Ithra, she holds a bachelor's degree in zoology and has extensive experience in elementary…

Thamer Khaiyat

Thamer Khaiyat is a presenter and actor and a part of the interpretation team at Ithra. Wherever there is presenting or acting to be done we can find…