What was and what will be ..


Two dialogue sessions, each of which deals with two important topics in character formation
The first session will encounter the popular Arab proverb “like father like son.” and discuss how much does this inheritance squash our true personalities by building a false persona? And how can we be free from this programming?

The other session will encounter the phrase "Who do you think you are?" – a phrase we may have heard repeatedly in childhood or adolescence by parents, educators, teachers or society in general. But it stays with us and eventually becomes part of our inner voice. We find repeating this phrase every time we make a bad decision, and we end up feeling ‘toxic shame’. What is toxic shame and how should we deal with it?

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Dates & Location

Friday 4th September, 2020

1 day; 1 hrs 30 mins / day

Knowledge tower ( Level 15 ) + Zoom


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Nouf Hakim

Nouf Hakim is a natural creative whose life led her to the practice of mindfulness and meditation, becoming empowered by the knowledge that true power…

Nour El Azzouni

Nour El Azzouni is a well-known speaker in the field of awareness and healing. He resides between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.