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Story Behind the Object


Ithra has one of the world’s youngest museums. With a strong sense of purpose and commitment, Ithra Museum shares collections from the diverse cultures of the Arab and Islamic world which constantly renew as the collections gradually grow. Ithra is delighted to share some highlights of Islamic art with the Behind the Object series. Behind the Object is Ithra's Ramadan series that looks into the treasures within Ithra's burgeoning collection. Each week, the series uncovers an item of Islamic art from Ithra's museum that is sure to fascinate. As this Ramadan marks a dramatic change in our lifestyles, Ithra shares Behind the Object through the digital portal #IthraConnect. Learning about the historic artifacts every week will – we trust – bring a sense of peace, pride and closeness during the holy month of Ramadan. Each artifact takes us on a remarkable journey through diverse places and times.

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Dates & Location

Tuesday 21st - 28th April, 2020

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