SciNight: Female in Science Communication


The monthly gathering, SciNights, is for science-interested youth to discuss their interests and passion. Join us for our fourth meet-up!

The role of women in science communication and their experiences in publishing science.

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Wednesday 2nd September, 2020




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Loujain Ali Al-Marhaby

Loujain Ali Al-Marhabi has a master's degree in Physics, specializing in plasma physics and ionic propulsion engines for satellites. She is interested…

Sally Shaglil

Sally Shaghalil is a master's student and research assistant in quantum physics and has been active in women's rights in science since 2017.

Ghaidaa Al-Awmi

Ghaidaa Al-Oumi is Saudi Arabia's national delegate to the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC). She is interested in space sciences and the…