The Science Around Us


Science is all around us, from specialized research labs to the casual moments of our daily lives. This program is for anyone curious about the incredible presence of science in our lives and how we are informed about it through podcasts, social media, live shows, and TV. This program will address ways to improve how we consume and share information about science.

Dr. Muhammad Qasem will talk about the journey of science, its importance, power and presence in our daily lives.

Dr. Khalid Al-Yahya will discuss the role of science in the lives of children, focusing on the funny situations they experience with science.

Dr. Mahdi Mansour will talk about how literature contributed to the foundation of scientific knowledge. For example, he compares a poet and a quantum physicist to illustrate how literature and science are, in fact, two sides of the same coin.

Dates & Location

Thursday 12th March, 2020

1 day; 2 hrs / day




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Dr. Khalid Al-Yahya

Dr. Khalid Al-Yahya is a consultant in the Strategic Management Office in Saudi Arabia. He is distinguished by his inspiring lectures, has published…

Dr. Mahdi Mansour

Dr. Mahdi Mansour is a professor at Pearson College, where he is also an educational consultant and content manager. He is an MEPLI fellow at Harvard…

Dr. Mohammed Qasem

Dr. Qasem is an assistant professor in Electronic Engineering and specializes in Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning, with expertise in…