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Science Agent


Kids, aged 10 – 12, will put on their detective hats and observe the matter behind each case, investigate, and solve it!

The Lost Pets:

Kids will help find a lost cat by using techniques such as cat classification, track tracing, and DNA investigations.

The Twist that Makes Us:

Understand Mendel's Law of DNA, how each DNA is unique to everyone, test your own DNA, and build a large, moving DNA model!

The Swollen Hand:

Kids will learn how to observe in our case of the "Swollen Hand." Explore the insect culprit using a magnifying tool, then choose and make the right remedy to treat the bug bite.

Bug Culture and Sculpture:

Learn about the various types of bugs through a visit to a bug farm, and create your own art piece including your favorite insects!

Insect Trap:

Get into entomology and build your own insect trap! Kids will learn about the biology of insects, how to catch them, and understand how insect bites differ.

The Insect Hunt:

Kids go hunting and gathering for some of the smallest insects at the park!

Home is Where the Garden is:

Become a gardener! Help dig and make a new home for our plants, all the while learning about plants habitats.

Crop Corruption:

Investigate how our crops became corrupt! Look for clues in our investigation laboratory to examine the crops, water, and soil.

Cafeteria Shutdown:

Kids at Ithra, we need you! Our cafeteria has mysteriously shutdown, we need you to investigate!

The Invisible Bacteria:

Explore where bacteria exists with our fun-filled experiments!

The Microbiomes Game:

More fun and more games! Explore the micro creatures' powers in our Microbiomes Game!

The Yummy Microbes:

Do you wonder how yummy donuts are made? They are made with yeast, a member of the microbe family. By following a delicious recipe, kids will learn the uses of good microbes like bacteria, fungi and yeas.

The Micro World:

Participants will visit the magnificent micro world exhibit!

Investigation Lab:

Get your magnifying tools and detective hats ready! Join our winter camp special edition, Investigation Lab!

Dates & Location

Monday 6th January, 2020

1 day; 4 hrs / day

English, Arabic

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