Paper Negatives & Cyanotype Techniques


Cyanotype chemistry is the photographic printing process that produces what is commonly known as a blueprint. In this workshop, you will:
- Learn how cyanotype chemistry works
- Create an insoluble Prussian blue pigment
- Learn how to sensitize paper
- Experiment with different coating techniques to make your own cyanotype prints.
You will also learn how photograms work and will have the option of using a UV exposure unit or experiment with natural ultraviolet light from the sun.

Dates & Location

Thursday 26th - 28th March, 2020

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Floor 9 - Classroom 2



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Osama Esid

Osama Esid, a Syrian-born photographer, has been working in photography since 1996. As a result of his travels to Paris, the United States, and Egypt,…