Macramé Wall Hanging ( 2 Days)


In this workshop, participants will learn how to create their own macramé and about its significance in the Middle East. Macramé has roots in the Middle East, with the term coming from the 13th century Arabic weaving term “migramah” meaning "fringe." The weavers used to create decorative fringes on camels and horses. Nowadays, they create the macramé in a modern way. Participants will experience creating a modern macramé using a chic bohemian design for a beautiful full-sized wall hanging.
Learning outcomes:
- What is macramé?
- Usage of the macramé
- Learn the three macramé knots
- Create a finished piece that is approximately 50 cm x 80 cm
* A brief about macramé history
* Cut and tie 36 strands of cotton rope on a dowel.
* Knotting the rope in a special pattern.

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Dates & Location

Wednesday 9th - 10th September, 2020

Online - Zoom



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Meredith Huston

Meredith Huston is an advocate for engaging, hands-on education and training at all ages through interactive and meaningful activities.