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Legends of Oz



English - Arabic Subtitles

Soon after her return to Kansas, Dorothy Gale finds herself whisked back to Oz to save her friends Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man and Glinda from the Jester — the younger brother of the Wicked Witch of the West. The Jester is using his late sister's broomstick as a magic wand and is destroying Oz one yellow brick at a time. With new companions, Dorothy sets out to rescue old friends and restore order.

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Family
Classification: PG
Year: 2013
Directors: Daniel St. Pierre, Will Finn
Starring: Lea Michele, Dan Ackroyd, Jim Belushi, Kelsey Gammer, Bernadette Peters and Martin Short

Dates & Location

Monday 2nd - 31st March, 2020




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