Beginner and intermediate level training for both barista and brewing skills
Barista skills covering espresso dialing-in and grinder calibration, espresso standards and sensory evaluation, milk steaming techniques, equipment daily cleaning routine, customer service skills and workflow management.
Brewing skills covering different methods of brewing techniques, batch brewing, sensory evaluation, recipe formula and brewing chart application.

Workshop outcomes:
Trainees will be able to prepare quality espresso shots, sensory evaluation of espresso shots, able to differentiate between under and over-extraction, prepare milk-based drinks with basic latte art patterns.
After passing the practice and written exam students will be granted a certificate from the Specialty Coffee Association.

Workshop outline:
- Coffee: From seed to cup
- What is espresso?
- Standard espresso recipes
- Machine parts
- Hands-on dialing in and calibration
- Milk steaming techniques
- Basics of latte art
- Hands-on practice
- Hands-on cleaning and maintenance
- Practical exam (individual evaluation of trainees)

Dates & Location

Monday 27th - 28th July, 2020

3 hours

Floor 7 - Art Studio



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