Jewelry Rendering Part 1 (2 Days)


An intensive drawing workshop designed to introduce beginners to the fields of gemstones and metals, in addition to basic jewelry rendering skills. It is designed to help you professionally illustrate your ideas on paper and create beautiful work and a start to build a portfolio. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of metals, from different metal forms and metal surfaces, to rendering different types, colors, and surfaces. In addition, the basics of gemology will be discussed such as gemstone grading, stone cuts, stone setting and mastering the rendering of multiple cuts and shapes. Participants develop professional metal and gemstone rendering skills by combing them together in multiple practices by creating swatches to eventually apply on a fully rendered piece of jewelry.

Workshop Objectives:
- Assist designers to communicate their creative designs professionally.
- Deliver a strong foundation in the field of gemology by concentrating on gemstone grading, gemstone cuts and shapes, and stone setting types.
- Deliver a strong foundation in the field of gemology by concentrating on metal forms, metal types and stone setting construction.
- Hands-on experience of painting with watercolor and a glimpse of the possibilities that this medium can offer to assist designers to communicate their creative designs professionally.

Workshop Outcomes:
- Successfully communicate your creative design ideas and create impactful drawings on paper by mastering advanced illustration skills using gouache and watercolor.
- Master drawing and shading gemstones from the top and in perspective.
- Master rendering a few metals such as silver, yellow gold and rose gold in different forms (chain, curved surface, flat sheets of metal, stone setting).
- Understand metal reflections and gemstone cuts in relation to color theory and color distribution.
- Understand and depict the difference between opaque, metallic and transparent materials.

Workshop Outline:
Day 1:
Jewelry Rendering Materials List
Jewelry Rendering Types and Approaches
Basic Rendering Factors
Introduction to Metals
Metal Demo 1: Sheets and Non-flat surfaces
Day 2:
Introduction to Stones
Stone Cuts Outlines Demo 1
Stone Rendering Demo 1 (faceted stones)

Dates & Location

Tuesday 21st - 22nd July, 2020

2 hours

Zoom Webinar




Lilian Zuhair Ismail

Lillian Ismail is a jewelry designer, named the youngest Saudi jewelry designer at the age of 17. She blends her heritage and contemporary elements…