Jewelry Design Process (2 Days)


This workshop is a solid foundation in jewelry design. One creates a concept from a source of inspiration and then communicates creative design ideas through the use of technical drawing and watercolor rendering. Participants will understand the detailed development of jewelry pieces from the source of inspiration to refining the idea on paper in realistic renderings. Building upon the strong foundation in the design and rendering skills, this workshop will lead through a step by step design process from a source of inspiration, research and mood board creation to technical drawing and professional rendering.

Workshop Objectives:
- Design and sketch your own jewelry piece by applying drawing skills using gouache and watercolors to master the 3-D effect to illustrate gold, silver, diamonds and gemstones; then enhance designs to a professional level.
- Build design skills for developing design concepts from the source of inspiration and understand the research process.
- Develop your ability to rapidly express your ideas and visually explain and refine a project with a customer through design practices.

Workshop Outcomes:
- Learn how to make basic design sketches and various methods using inspiration from photographs and the world around you.
- Learn the process of research to develop design concept and aesthetic.
- Convert ideas onto paper, refining the design, studying the proportions and positioning of design elements such as the use of materials and metal finishes.
- Design a small collection from a source of inspiration given by the instructor.

Workshop Outline:
Day 1:
Design Process
Design Examples
Design Development Concept
Design Advices
How to Create a Collection
Day 2:
Mood Board
Source of Inspiration
Sketching Practices
Design Development
Final Designs Created

Dates & Location

Tuesday 4th - 5th August, 2020

2 hours

Zoom Webinar




Lilian Zuhair Ismail

Lillian Ismail is a jewelry designer, named the youngest Saudi jewelry designer at the age of 17. She blends her heritage and contemporary elements…