Jewelry Business & Design (2 Days)


This intensive workshop is aimed at jewelers who want information and advice, as well as a beginning in setting up their own jewelry business. Throughout this workshop, participants will be guided on a whole range of topics in relation to running a jewelry business, including topics on jewelry costing including weight, gem and manufacturing cost estimation, pricing, marketing, and discussions on legal requirements in Saudi Arabia.

Learning outcomes:
- Understand and absorb all the main aspects of starting your jewelry business.
- Help you to know how to market yourself and your work.
- Help you to understand how to maintain accounts, keeping to budget, and run your jewelry business financially
- Understand jewelry pricing and sales
- Learning more about the different categories of and approaches to jewelry.

Day 1:
Designing you own business
Introductory to the different field of jewelry business approaches
Wholesale versus retail
Target market
Laws and regulations

Day 2:
Business plan
Mission versus vision
Financial plan
Marketing and social media

Dates & Location

Tuesday 11th - 12th August, 2020

2 hours

Zoom Webinar




Lilian Zuhair Ismail

Lillian Ismail is a jewelry designer, named the youngest Saudi jewelry designer at the age of 17. She blends her heritage and contemporary elements…