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Ithra Readers Club is an enriching youth forum where books from a variety of fields are discussed in public each month. The club aims to create a reader-friendly community and encourage discussions and analysis of serious books in a stimulating and liberating atmosphere. The books have been chosen by a committee from the Ithra Library team and have been approved by members before official club events.

Today’s reader is tomorrow's leader.
At the Re-launch of Ithra Book Club, club members will introduce themselves, get to know the club's rules and get their six books to be discussed.

At the next monthly meeting will discuss the following books:

(The Consolations of Philosophy - Alain de Botton )

(The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka )

(The Taste of the Wolf - Abdullah Al-Basis )

(Ghawwasu Al-Ahq - Amal Al-Faran )

(Gharaq Al-Hadarat: The Drowning of Civilizations - Amin Ma’louf)

(Maktabatohom: Their Libraries - Mohammad Ayt Hanna)

Dates & Location

Monday 25th January - 29th March, 2021

Ithra Library



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