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Ithra Film Society has film at its center and offers film buffs and those in the movie business to connect and share their perspectives on film-related topics.
Ithra Film Society has a monthly meeting where filmmakers such as directors, actors, producers and writers gather to discuss filmmaking topics, screen films and critique them, as well as table-read scripts.

The webinar will be a celebration for Ithra and the filmmaker for making the film into the most famous streaming platform (Netflix) and at the same time, an enriching experience for the filmmakers who strive to achieve such a goal. The talk will be with the crew about the journey in creating the movie, we will ask the director about the story and his choices in telling it, the producer about the challenges in producing the film, the star about embodiment of such character and finally how it feels to see the movie finally not only on the big screen winning awards but also on Netflix.

Lastly, we will open the floor to the audience to ask.

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Dates & Location

Wednesday 19th August, 2020



English, Arabic

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