Ithra Design & Entrepreneurs Society


The Ithra Design & Entrepreneurs Society is a virtual program held by Ithra that brings dreamers, builders, and hard workers together. It is a platform for those passionate in the entrepreneurial sector and for those who wish to turn dreams into reality. Starting a dialogue and laying out motivation through Ithra’s Design & Entrepreneurs Society.

Guest speakers including local, regional, and international entrepreneurs who have done the work, experienced the hardships and exceeded expectations speak on special topics that can inspire and enlighten listeners. We are introduced to guests who share their stories and inspire us with the drive that led them to pursue their passions.

Khalid Hunaidi, a Saudi architect from Riyadh, who is fond of change and breaking the rules. With experience in architecture, interior design, and graphics, he shares his experience being the CEO of Ahb Company, an established design and architectural company from 2014.

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Dates & Location

Wednesday 26th August, 2020

Online - Zoom