Ithra Societies


Private meetups, on a monthly basis on specialized topics across arts, creativity and culture explored through different medium and across different passions, from cinema, theater, science and book club.

  • Sci-Night is a monthly meeting for science and tech enthusiasts to share their ideas, experiences and scientific interests. Throughout the session, participants will gather and discuss a chosen main topic.

Platform: Live Storm

  • Ithra Theater Society is an ongoing assembly which brings together theater creators (directors, writers, producers, and others) to exchange ideas about local theater productions. They engage in short workshops and public discussions about related topics in acting, producing, and directing. Platform: Live Storm

  • The Ithra Film Society encourages and promotes the regional film industry. Discussion and critique sessions are held with local filmmakers in conjunction with the screening of both local and international films. The Society also hosts public talks on filmmaking-related topics such as acting, producing, writing, and directing.

Platform: Live Storm

Dates & Location

Wednesday 22nd - 29th April, 2020

Live Storm

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