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Ithra Art Society - To Illustrate is to read


Ithra Art Society is a virtual program held by Ithra that provides a platform for artists, curators, educators and guest speakers. The program offers a wide variety of perspectives on practice, as well as on museum exhibitions and collections.
Guest speakers including well-known curators, artists whose work is showcased in the Ithra museum, musicians, writers, cultural historians, and others. They deliver dynamic dialogues about the ideas and issues presented within the museum community with active audience participation and discussions.

To Illustrate is to read | An informal chat between Muhannad Shono and Rahul Gudipudi traversing a line through the practice of artist Muhannad Shono.

The conversation between Muhannad Shono and Rahul Gudipudi will read through Muhannad Shono’s practice as an artist and draw upon the role of illustration, pigment and narrative in the artists practice over the last years. They will discuss Shono’s use of fiction and storytelling as a way to reflect upon fundamental and philosophical questions that govern social behaviour. Through the course of his practice Shono’s experimentation with pigment and material translate a practice deeply rooted in illustration as study of form, narrative and semiotics into a wide array of possible states that span drawings, prints, installations and large scale public sculptures.

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Thursday 4th June, 2020




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