Introduction to Manga World 101


A hands-on workshop will take participants through the history of Japanese Manga art and offer an introduction to drawing Manga characters.
Learning the basics of drawing your Manga character from head to toe and how to apply Manga animation features in your cartoon character(s).

Objectives and Expected Outcomes: Participants will learn about Manga art, Manga story structures, and more. The participants will learn how to draw and design their Manga characters.


Day 1 Topics:

A presentation about the history of Japanese art, how Manga started, the godfather of Manga, the best known artist of Manga, the type of Manga stories and magazines, and the Arab Mangaka (Manga artist)

Day 2 Topics:

Learning how to draw faces for the Manga character, from all sides with many face expressions for males and females.

Day 3 Topics:

Learning how to draw the full body of a Manga character, for males and females.

Dates & Location

Tuesday 18th - 20th February, 2020

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Level 8 - Classroom 2



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