Indonesian Batik Art (2 Days)


Indonesia is famous for their textile, batik. Batik is a traditional art form in Indonesia. It is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied fabric. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a short history of batik, the diverse styles, and how to produce the designs. Participants will then be able to create their own batik designs.
Learning outcomes:
- Learning the two categories of batik design.
- Learning how to design a batik.
- Selection and preparation of the fabric.
- How to draw a design on a fabric.
- Learning various techniques in waxing and dyeing.
- Learning the difference between the modern and traditional batiks.
- How to choose the fabric for different purposes of usage
- The basic steps of batik techniques

Day 1: Introduction - design process - the design is drawn out onto the cloth
Day 2: Waxing and dyeing - the fabric is ready for the first dye bath
Day 3: Dyeing - the fabric is put into the second dye bath

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Dates & Location

Wednesday 16th - 17th September, 2020

Online - Zoom



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Hang Luna Thi Thu Nguyen

Luna is an artist who works on different canvases; paper and wood using acrylic or oil paint. She produces colorful silk and fabric paintings.