How to Plan and furnish your space


A workshop that helps individuals set up the right plan for furnishing any type of space depending on many basic factors to help them maximize the utilization of the space easily and effectively.

Workshop objectives:
- Learn how to draw a top plan for the required space and the basic symbols for top view furnishing items.
- Understand the difference between furniture styles and refer your space to one of them.
- Define the circulation lines within the space.
- Pick the right colors by using the color table.
- Relate the size of the proposed furniture to the actual space of the room.

Workshop outline:
* Furniture styles introduction and local market styles.
* Lighting Selection.
* How to draw a space plan and define circulation lines.
* Basic furniture top view symbols.
* Color table introduction and color theme selection.
* Relating selected furniture size to space.
* Furniture accessories.
* Furnishing a space exercise.
* Proposal presentation.

Platform: Zoom

Zoom link:

Dates & Location

Sunday 28th - 29th June, 2020


English, Arabic

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Shahd Ahmad Wazani

Shahd Ahmad Wazani is an architect and urban designer, an energetic person with many professional skills and over five years of experience in design,…