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How Innovation Drives Growth


Behind every innovation, there is a powerful idea that addresses an unmet need in a new, engaging, and relevant way. Ideas become products, services, and experiences which lead to growth. For large companies, where will those ideas come from, how will they be developed, and ultimately implemented? In this talk, we will consider the people and processes that large companies are using to drive growth through innovation and how you can “bash and build” ideas that are fit to fight in this evolving landscape.
· Understand the power of ideas that lead to innovation growth.
· Listen to case studies – both successes and failures – from large companies.
· Learn how to “bash and build” ideas in the context of disruption.

Dates & Location

Saturday 29th February, 2020

1 day; 1 hrs 30 mins / day

Idea Lab - Show Tank



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Cesar Lastra

Cesar Lastra is a front-end innovator with more than 20 years of experience in innovation, marketing strategy, insights, and capability building.…