Families play a vital role in embedding the values of learning and education in their children's upbringing. Indeed, the family is the first school which children attend, and within the warmth and embrace of their family, children gain experiences and learn about social interaction. With this in mind, Ithra created the Back to School program. The program includes a variety of virtual and physical activities such as exceptional workshops, discussion sessions, and interactive activities. The aim of the Back to School program is to prepare attendees for a fruitful and safe academic year, in which Ithra will play a part, in an effort to create new, exciting and safe learning experiences after and during Covid-19.

Mark your calendars for the chance to enhance your skills, and to help make your children's return to school a transition that is filled with optimism, and loads of fun.

Dates & Location

Monday 24th August - 19th September, 2020

English, Arabic

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