Exploring Gardening (2 Days)


Explore the fundamentals of gardening, specifically for the Middle East. In this workshop, we will gain an understanding of how to create optimal conditions for your plants, how to plan your garden, the importance of compost and fertilizer, and how to harvest seeds from your everyday kitchen produce. This workshop will move participants through the process of setting up and planting a garden, focusing on the organization and structure of a healthy and productive plot. Participants will explore alternative gardening solutions fit for balconies or small areas, and how to compost in the hot dry climate of the Middle East. To better understand optimal plant conditions, we'll cover the anatomy and nutritional requirements of plants, the different methods of harvesting seeds, and how to create the best conditions for plant growth.

Workshop objectives:
- Through hands-on experimentation
- Understand of garden structures and organization
- Gain an understanding of plant anatomy and needs
- Learn how plants reproduce
- Learn the proper the conditions and climate needed for composting
- Learn how to plan a garden plot or balcony garden
- Learn how to plant seeds or seedlings

Workshop outcomes:
- Understand plants, gardening, and the importance of growing fruit and vegetable bearing plants
- Understand the cycles of gardening
- Understand the importance of composting
- Be ready to plant and maintain a garden

Workshop outline:
* Understanding plants - plant anatomy, seeds, seedlings, and how to collect seeds from kitchen waste
* Homework: collect and study plants, collect kitchen waste seeds
* Planning your garden - how to make a plan
* Creative gardens for small spaces
* Homework: Plan your space
* Compost 101
* How to Compost in hot, dry climates
* Homework: explore and make your compost
* Creating optimal conditions
* Garden care and maintenance
* Homework: Prepare your garden space
* Plant, care, harvest
* The gardening cycle
* Homework: Plant and care for your first garden

Zoom link: https://ithra.zoom.us/j/82705048900

Dates & Location

Friday 17th - 18th July, 2020

2 hours

Zoom Webinar