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Design-A-Thon: Digital Tourism


In recent years, the Saudi tourism sector welcomed an increase in international and domestic visitors. As tourism grows, Ithra is encouraging creators to design digital solutions for the tourism industry through the Design-A-Thon workshop.

Design-A-Thon: Digital Tourism is a four-day interactive workshop that encourages creators to produce digital solutions for the Saudi tourism sector. This workshop trains participants to create a prototype tool from ideation to designing. Participants will receive support from design, marketing, innovation, app and web experts to develop a final digital prototype solution that addresses a user need.

The workshop engages in social issues and challenges participants to design solutions. Furthermore, participants will develop problem solving skills, research skills, communication skills, team building, and strategic planning skills.
During the innovation program, participants will engage in a journey to work in the challenge of design a creative digital solution that helps to promote tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Design-A-Thon Goals

1. Stimulate creativity
2. Engage in social issues
3. Develop problem-solving, team building, and strategic planning skills

Who Should Apply

We are seeking to creative university students, young professionals, and adults interested in developing creative digital solutions and enhancing their problem-solving, design thinking, creativity, design innovation, app and web development, and branding positioning.

Dates & Location

Wednesday 26th - 29th February, 2020

1 day; 3 hrs / day



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