Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)


Young teens, aged 13 – 15, will be trained on CSI techniques and skills to solve designed crime cases to observe, collect data, think, and find evidence in teams.

CSI Training:

Young participants will be trained on CSI skills to complete their missions in collecting evidence and fingerprints, reading blood samples, and analyzing DNA.

Lie Detective:

Have you ever wondered if someone was lying? You can now assemble a lie detector device and test body language, emotions, and even micro expression like eye movement!

Super Cozmo:

Meet Cozmo, our tiny robot with cool features like facial recognition! Participants will learn how facial recognition works and how its useful in forensics and law enforcement.

One Hand Traces the Other:

Kids will trace their hand or foot on sand to help assist in our investigation through 3D modeling experiments.

Art Crime Scene:

Participants will witness a crime scene in the art class and will then investigate the scene. They will follow clues to solve the crime.

Fingerprint Art:

Everyone in the world has a different fingerprint! Using a microscope, participants will distinguish their unique fingerprint patterns with zoomed in photos, and further design their finger print to create a unique art piece.

The Perfect Crime:

A classic crime case, a thief has stolen art pieces from the museum! Help us figure out the clues and investigate traces of evidence to find out how the thief committed the perfect crime.

Cafeteria shutdown:

Why was the cafeteria shutdown? In this scenario, participants will investigate the factors behind its closing, and help reopen it again!

Look What We Found!

Uncover facts about buried bones, how to observe bones fragments, and how pathologists use bones as clues in puzzles!

The Burning Factory:

Firemen are superheroes of today! Learn about their special training, as well as investigate burnt rooms and items in a burnt module adapted for training.

Dates & Location

Monday 6th January, 2020

1 day; 4 hrs / day

English, Arabic

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