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Our current times are uncertain and tough. Ithra welcomes you to listen to our COVID Culture Talks with distinguished guests who explore our psyche, the past, and more, in Arabic. Enrich your minds with diverse perspectives and enlighten your hearts with the powerful works of literature and poetry.

Bader Alhammoud

Quarantine Lifestyle

Our lives have changed during this pandemic and Bader Alhomoud seeks to examine our new lifestyle routines. In this talk, he explores what necessities have been kept in routine compared to all other options during the quarantine.

Date:30 April, 2020

Abduljaleel Nasir

Exploring the End of the World

Human imagination grasped how the world would end through popular films and novels. This talk with Abduljaleel Nasir will speak about different end-of-the-world scenarios that have captivated many. Go to Ithra's Instagram to learn more.

Date:21 April, 2020

Abdulkareem Al-khulaifi

Behind the Minds During the Wait

As the world continues to wait for this crisis to end, many have been anxious, and perspectives shift as the time passes. Abdulkareem Al Khulaifi reflects on the philosophical and psychological conditions of those people who are waiting at home.

Date:23 April, 2020

Dr. Faisal Alshahrani

Poetic Words Amid the Pandemic

As poetry explores the human spirit, Dr. Faisal Alshahrani highlights the most prominent poems that explored the topic of illnesses from Imru’ al-Qais to the rising poets during the Coronavirus. Visit Ithra's Instagram to learn more.

Date:26 April, 2020

Dr. Muhammad Al-Basheer

The Past & Present of Epidemics

We are not alone in our experience. As Dr. Muhammad Al-Basheer takes us on a journey to the past, stories of events similar to what we are facing today. He also explores the epidemics of cholera, plague, and others.

Date:28 April, 2020

Dates & Location

Thursday 30th April - 6th May, 2020

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