COVID Culture Discussion 2


Our current times are uncertain and tough. Ithra welcomes you to listen to our COVID Culture Talks with distinguished guests who address the cultural dimensions from several aspects of our current crisis in Arabic. The programs will highlight the implications of the pandemic and explore the views of creators in the fields of literature, film, sociology, arts, music, and more. Viewers are welcome to participate in the discussions by asking questions remotely during the live broadcast. Ithra encourages you to join the discussion and enrich your minds with diverse perspectives and enlighten your hearts with the powerful words of our speakers.

Mona Al-Tarif

Virtual Travel

Discovering cultures around the world, and immersing yourself within vibrant traditions, languages and histories. With Mona Al-Tarif, share the wanderlust in you and explore the traveling and tourist content through Virtual Travel.

Date:5 May, 2020

Abdulrahman Fayez

Night of the Calligraphers

Scripts and beautiful ink drawn words construed into art. Join Abdulrahman Fayez, a calligrapher and graphic designer, to learn about the beautiful scripture skill that uplifts the written form into connoisseur levels in Night of the Calligraphers.

Date:7 May, 2020

Ali Saeed

Disaster Journalism

Ali Saeed, a scriptwriter, novelist and journalist to ponder of the onset of journalism during the harshest of experiences. Disaster Journalism explores the quests journalists experience and the mission to find the messages published for the public.

Date:10 May, 2020

Haneen Omar

Translation of Sadness

Poetry is emotions formed into words, expressed eloquently to the readers soul. Join Haneen Omar, Poet, translator, and researcher, who explores the underlying true hardships in poetry in the Translation of Sadness.

Date:12 May, 2020

Maha AlSenan

The Impact of Epidemics on Art

Renaissance paintings, iconic photographs, and incredible works of art over eras have depicted the onset and effect of pandemics. Join Maha AlSenan, a researcher in art history, to uncover the tremendous impact epidemics and pandemics alike have on art.

Date:14 May, 2020

Dates & Location

Thursday 7th - 14th May, 2020

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