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Art of Looking


As art takes vast forms of creativity under its category, this two-day workshop will introduce participants to innovative ways to create artful projects. The workshop aims to teach and allow participants to be creatively free with different projects described below:
Day 1 (Friday)
Create Your Art, Wear Your Art
This session will focus on looking at everyday products with a creative eye. Participants will get a pair of sneakers, a bag, etc. and transform them into a customized, artful item to take home.
Day 2 (Saturday)
Session One
Looking at Outdoors Differently
This session will let participants explore the outside surroundings of Ithra’s back campus to find inspiration outdoors. They will create art from outdoor elements and get into the creative thinking mindset with everyday surroundings and locations.
Session Two
Collaborative 3D Public Art
This session will allow all participants to create a huge 3D mural under a specific theme of the workshop. This art piece will reside as an art installation inside the center as part of Ithra’s art collection.

Dates & Location

Friday 17th - 18th January, 2020

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Level 7 - Music Studio



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Kapil Bhimekar

Kapil Bhimekar is a Dubai-based artist taking unconventional methods to create his quirky art. He has carved a niche for himself with illustrations…