What is jewelry? The Art of Jewelry workshop will introduce a new concept of “thinking jewelry," diving into the history of jewelry in a series of lectures and discussions. Introducing for the first time in Saudi, a workshop dedicated to discuss the unique field of art which is jewelry.

Learning outcomes:
- Understand the history of jewelry and its development
- Take your jewelry idea to the next level.
- Participants will understand the field of jewelry design from design to theory.
- Think outside the box, introduce new design possibilities. Be more creative.

Day 1:
Jewelry and adornment
History of jewelry
Jewelry and symbolism
Industrial Revolution
Jewelry categories

Day 2:
Art jewelry: an intensive presentation discussing this topic and its effect on the current field
American Modernist jewelry movement
Art jewelry philosophy and theories
Significant artists and designers in the field
How do I apply what I learned when designing my own piece of jewelry?

Dates & Location

Tuesday 14th - 15th July, 2020

2 hours

Zoom Webinar




Lilian Zuhair Ismail

Lillian Ismail is a jewelry designer, named the youngest Saudi jewelry designer at the age of 17. She blends her heritage and contemporary elements…