Zoom-in on Nature


Kids, aged 7 – 9, will investigate the smallest of creatures and uncover those not visible to the naked eye, and gain an understanding of their huge influence living among us.

Insect Exploration:

Visit the bug farm exhibit, explore different bugs, and classify them based on their physical characteristics.

My Bug's Portrait:

Pick a favorite insect and magnify it! Kids will sketch and design their insect's parts with creative patterns.

The Insect Hunt:

Inspect the smallest creatures to hunt down and pick using a magnifying tool to explore them during a field trip to the park.

Bugs on Screen:

Watch a movie and explore the unknown facts about bugs!

The Greenhouse:

Kids will visit a greenhouse at Ithra to discover different kinds of insects and types of butterflies!

Pollination Demonstration:

Gain knowledge! Understand pollination's vital role in the ecosystem and how plants depend on other plants, while others depend on wind and animals through fun science experments!

The Ant Kingdom (A STORY):

Discover how one of the smallest insects, ants, impact our lives and the environment.

Build Your Ant Farm:

Kids will become architects and build their own ant farms, and also learn how to transfer their ant community into their built farms.

Be Aware of Bees:

Learn about the roles and behaviors of bees, one of the most important insects in our lives.

Bees Away from Trees:

Watch real honey be extracted from a beehive and identify the roles of bees within the bee community!

What we don’t know about Butterflies:

Children will uncover some fun facts about butterflies through a discovery game outdoors and will create their own butterfly wings!

The Micro World:

Participants will visit the magnificent micro world exhibit!

Facts as Clear as Water:

Children will build a simple ready-to-use tool to filter dirty water.

The Yummy Soil Layers:

Examine the different types and properties of soil, and participate in a delicious activity to create edible soil layers!

Keep Calm And Garden On:

Kids can be gardeners too! Learn the importance of soil elements and how to measure and adjust them for the plant's purpose.

Family Experience:

Join your kids and explore more about bugs!

Dates & Location

Monday 23rd December - 6th January, 2020

1 day; 4 hrs / day

English, Arabic

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