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Visualisation & Creation of XR Experience


X Reality (XR) or Cross Reality is defined as a form of mixed reality which comes from the fusion and union of the digital and physical worlds. In ‘Visualization and Creation of XR Experience’ workshop will gaina deeper understanding of creating an XR project. Shifting from 2D to 3D is often harder than it looks, with the rulebook for XR technology still being written, learn about the technical attributes that goes into crafting a piece for XR, based on award winning project and case studies from VR Award Winners identifying those factors that make a business, product or service successful and translating them to your context. Objectives and Expected Outcomes: • Participants learn and think about the key technical elements that goes into creating a successful XR project • Participants to leave with a fully conceptualized XR experience with a deeper understanding on how to take it further outside of the workshop


Daniel Colaianni

Daniel Colaianni is the chief executive of AIXR, the independent not-for-profit trade body for immersive industries and previously executive producer…

Dates & Location

Monday 21st - 23rd October, 2019

Knowledge Tower - Floor 11 - Meeting Room


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