Virtual Worlds Out of Paper


Yes, exactly! It's a world made of paper! At "Virtual Worlds Made of Paper" participants will learn how to create and play in their own virtual worlds, employing distinctive techniques, such as virtual reality and green screens. As they utilize paper and green screen to construct their own worlds, a mixed reality of paper and 360 videos will serve as a hub of their designs to construct a shareable experience with other kids.

• Workshop Outputs:

o Apply visual images, language, music, play, and movement to express feelings and communicate.

o Grasp the impact of the digital world on the participants' daily lives.

o Increase awareness among participants of the risks of digital technologies.

o Ability to use different techniques, such as green screen, augmented reality.

o Certificates for all participants.

• Workshop Outline:

o Day 1:

Creative thinking. 

Introduction to virtuality pros and cons. 

Create worlds of paper.

o Day 2:

Mix virtuality with reality.

Fuse a world of paper with 360 videos.

o Day 3:

Present and share. 

Introduce and experience the worlds we've created.

Dates & Location

Tuesday 1st October, 2019

1 day;

Knowledge Tower - Floor 7 - Music Studio



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