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Videography and Video Editing


A 4-day practical guide workshop on professional videography. Participants will learn the concepts, tools and methods of modern day videography to shoot a professional video.
Participants will learn how to film in controlled and no controlled environments. They will learn and understand camera settings for video applications, how to film people, landscapes and architecture. The trainer, Ali, will share all his industry secrets, tips and tricks.

Day 1 - Basics and Camera Features

• Cameras & sensor size
• Lenses & focal lengths
• Audio & Sound
• What makes a professional video.
• Visual Storytelling (Composition, framing, color and camera motion)
• Choosing the right tools for the job
• Camera settings of shooting video (Aperture, Shutter, ISO, White Balance, Resolution, Frame Rates, Bit Rates, Color Profiles and Aspect Ratios)
• Creating sequences B-Roll and detail shots

Day 2 - How to shoot interviews, people and talent

• Lens choices
• Location indoors vs. outdoors
• Lighting indoors
• Outdoor lighting
• Camera position
• Audio
• Sequencing

Day 3 - How to shoot Events, Landscapes and Travel videos

• Pre-production and planning
• Location scouting
• Lens choices
• Camera motion
• Sound capture
• White Balance
• Contrast and Exposure
• Timelapse and hyperlapse
• Aerial videography

Day 4 - Post Production & editing in Premier Pro
• File management
• Sequence settings
• Find Music for your videos
• Editing and trimming
• Color Grading
• Audio and sound design
• Multi-Layer Editing
• Video titles and graphic effects
• Video effects

Workshop Level: Beginner

Dates & Location

Wednesday 20th - 23rd November, 2019

1 day; 4 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Floor 9 - Classroom 2



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Ali Kubba

Ali is London-based creative director and color expert specializing in commercial content for television, web and social media. He is experienced in…