Pottery Design


In this 3-day workshop, the participants will learn how to design pottery to make practical utilities, lighting accessories, sculpturing, ceramics coloring, etc. The work of the participants will be dried either naturally by leaving their work in room temperature or if advanced level is required then they can make more complicated objects and dry them using an oven.

Day 1
Introduction to pottery design.
Understand the nature of the medium.
Sculpturing with hand press.
Day 2
Traditional sculpturing method.
Construct the final product idea.
Explore creative methods to design your product.
Day 3
Construct an artistic sculpture
Modern and traditional methods of sculpturing.

Dates & Location

Thursday 12th - 14th December, 2019

1 day; 3 hrs / day

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Khalil Aswan

Khalil is a specialized pottery designer with a bachelor in ceramics and clay design and a master in media and public relations. The facilitator…