Play with Typography

October 2019


    Do you see yourself as a creative designs enthusiast? Do you have a fascination with graphics and typography? At “Play with Typography” workshop, participants will explore new horizons of creative typography, play using various letterforms, and different compositions printed in a fun and goal-oriented style. 

    Workshop Outputs

    • Extend the theoretical and practical skills of participants in looking at typography as explorable forms rather than readable letters.

    • Broaden participants horizons on creative uses of typography in illustrating, and as a powerful visual language 

    Workshop Outline

    o Day 1 

    Lecture on how typography can serve as a visual language, presenting case studies related to the task and sharing them on the playful potentials of typography.

     Question and answer about the task.

     Participants will commence the task with the help of the instructor to identify each concept of project direction.

    o Day 2

    Work design session, with individual feedback sessions provided by the instructor.

    Completion of the project and individual presentation of each project developed in the workshop.


    Tarek Atrissi

    Tarek Atrissi is a Dutch -Lebanese Graphic designer and typographer running his internationally acknowledge design studio based in Barcelona, Spain.…