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Movie Trailer Creating


Students will learn basic skills in filmmaking covering pre-production, e.g idea development, script writing, choosing locations, casting, etc, filming, inc range of cameras, directing, lighting, audio, shot sizes, sound recording and post-production skills, e.g. editing, sound, music.

Day 1
• What are movie trailers and why are they made?
• What goes into making good movie trailers?
• Genres of movie trailers
• Learn how to do Editing with Imovie and the professional software FCPX
• Watch films and discuss what shots would work in your movie trailer.
• Storyboarding your trailer
• In small groups choose a genre and storyboard a 20/30 second movie trailer
• Export Film
• Learn how to produce sounds effects for movie trailers
• Learn how to make basic music in Garageband to enhance your movie trailer.

Day 2

• In small groups choose a different genre and storyboard a 60 second movie trailer.
• Choose a well-known film to make a movie trailer from.
• Storyboard
• Edit movie trailer
• Add sound effects
• Design music for your film
• Export
Day 3
• Using your film edit as many different genres form the same film
• Storyboard
• Edit movie trailer
• Add sound effects
• Design music for your film
• Export Film
• Add titles
• Show all your trailers to your friends and families to show your progression.
• Receive a certificate and a memory stick with all your films on them

Workshop Level: Beginner


Paul Press

Paul’s career began when he was 13 and he became a professional actor. He continued my career until my mid 40’s when he gave it up to concentrate on…

Dates & Location

Thursday 21st - 23rd November, 2019

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Floor 7 - Music Studio



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