Material Design and Exploration


Often in the creative process people get lost in the overabundance of choices and possibilities. This 5-day workshop challenges participants to play freely, while learning tools to structure their process and navigate the uncertainties toward a desired result.
Participants will engage a single material throughout the workshop, and be encouraged to experiment, play and engage this material in a hands-on way. While this workshop is specifically oriented to those in the creative and design professions, the idea of structuring creativity can be applied broadly in all fields where being comfortable with uncertainty is useful.


Day 1
Who is NExAR
Something about design Thinking and the benefits
Discover the materials

Day 2
Discover the materials by free play and experiment
Interpret the benefits of design Tools

Day 3
Create potential tools
Conclusions: what is your design process?

Day 4
Experiment with Prototypes
Evaluate and innovate

Day 5

Dates & Location

Monday 9th - 13th December, 2019

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower - Floor 9



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