The Magic of Sound


What is the shape of sound waves? And how do we hear it?
At “The Magic of Sound” workshop, participants will explore all the fascinating and intriguing answers to these questions. They will be equipped to engage in a 2-hour music production session and record their own sounds, such as the “Alternative Distribution Alliance,” to finally explore in details all aspects of their final work.
At this workshop, you will learn how to truly listen to music and have a better understanding of what you hear.
Outline 1-day workshop: The magic of sound
• What is sound?
• How are we hearing?
• The basics about sound waves
• Improving our listening skills
• The story of field recordings
• ADA: an artwork for sound inspiration
• Exploring the exhibition and the surrounding by listening.

Dates & Location

Saturday 12th October, 2019

1 day;

Knowledge Tower - Floor 7 - Music Studio


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