Magic Boxes


Enjoy the nail-biting thrill of "Magic Boxes". Puppets are displayed in boxes using various animation techniques, with earphones and a telescope that helps visitors grasp the magic of these boxes! In 3 minutes, visitors will be able to view each box separately, each containing different stories about the others, such as “Sleepy Heads”, the “Caveman” glove, and other puppet animation styles. Performers Names + Brief Bio: José Ángel Soto Favela (coordinator) Graduated in Mechanical Engineering at ITD. Artistic director and set designer of Colectivo Cuerda Floja Durango since 2007, he has been director in several plays participating at the National School Theater Program (National Institute of Fine Arts) 2008, 2010, 2012 y 2016, benefited with national grants PECDA (2008, 2016), PACMYC (2006, 2009) and FONCA ENARTES 2015. Co-writer of the book: El Arte titeril de las Cajas Mágicas. International collaboration in Taiwan 2018 with Puppet and its double theater Company, with workshops and directing the play “Mother courage”. With experience in performances and international collaboration at countries like Kuwait, Bahrein, Russia, South Korea, Canada, United Arab Emirates, among others. Set designer and lighting design, as construction for the international collaboration with puppetry company in Macao 2019. Ana Laura Herrera Ortega Graduated with a degree in Medicine at Juarez University in Durango, México. Co-founder and co-director of Colectivo Cuerda Floja Theater company since 2007. Actress, puppeteer, costume and puppet designer. Co-writer of the book: El arte titeril de las Cajas Mágicas. Benefited with grants as PECDA, PACMYC and FONCA (2017) in México in the fields of drama theater and puppetry. With international experience in festivals as actress, puppeteer and providing workshops in USA, Bahrein, Egypt, Taiwan, Russia, Kuwait among others. In 2018 collaborated in Taiwan with the company Puppet and its double theater in the play “Mother Courage”, as director assistant and puppets design and building. Actress, design and puppetry building with international collaboration with a puppetry company in Macao 2019. Victor Andrey Galván Farias Born in Durango, Mexico. Graduated from UJED as a Psychologist, with experience as an actor, puppeteer and clown. He has participated in different shows supported by Fine Arts program 2010, 2012 y 2016. Puppeteer of the show “El señor de los dulces” presented at several national and international festivals in México. Magic Box puppeteer presented at different festivals in Mexico and Sharjah United Arab Emirates, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. “Post-Mortem” (Puppeteer and actor) performed at festivals in México, highlighting the 34 MNT 2013 and ENARTES 2015, Canada and South Korea (25 ASSITEJ South Korea Festival). City Youth Award 2013. Fellow of the Program for specific audiences in 2015, PECDA 2017 and PACMYC 2018. Artistic intership in Taiwan with the Cia. Puppet and its double theater, collaborating as a set designer and actor for the play “Mother Courage” by Bertolt Brecht 2018. Actor in the play “Tempestad” by Enrique Mijares directed byAna Herrera and José Ángel Soto (FONCA 2017-2018) Diego Iván Chavarría Hernández Born in Durango 1993, member of CF Theater since 2012 working as actor, design and building props, puppeteer, stretch and clown. He has worked in several shows some of them part of National School Theater grants. Experience as performer in National and International Festivals, inMéxico, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Taiwan, UAE and Macao. Artistic Intership in Taiwán with Puppet and it´s double Theater company as actor, stage building and props. His last work in Macao 2019 collaborating as actor, puppeteer, building propos and stage elements with th company Rolling Puppet. Ignacio Alejandro Muñoz Silva Starts in 2005 with the theater group of La Casa de la Cultura, in which were more than 50 plays as an actor in different staging. He has taken workshops on stilts and juggling, clown, voice and theater in the states of Durango, Michoacán, Oaxaca, Guadalajara and México City.Work in street theatre in different projects as actor and clown and in different staging of the National Program Scholar Theatre 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2018. Puppeteer in a show denominated “Magic box” performed in different states of México nad internationally in SCRF UAE 2019. Technical coordinator at the National theater exhibition 2013, 2015 and 2017. Stage lights and maping in the play “Tempestad” project supported by the FONCA 2018. Assistant director in “El Señor de los dulces” at various festivals, “Mamá corazón de acero” of the National Program Scholar Theatre 2016 and “Carlota” participant in monologue festival Durango 2019. Felipe Haley Lomas Estrada Starts in 2005 with the theater group of the house of culture, participating in more than 50 shows with different staging participating in the scenic festival of the northeast 2008 and after becoming part of Colectivo Cuerda Floja he participated for second time in this Festival in 2009. Actor at the National Theater School program 2012 and 2016. He has taken workshops on juggling, body expression, clown, magic and puppets among others. He taught theater workshops for children at the Casa de la Cultura in 2006, Iinstitute municipal of culture in 2011 and 2012. Technical Space Coordinator at 34, 36 and 37 national theater exhibitions. Actor of the municipal theater company 2018 “Ágora del Guadiana” of the Municipal Institute presenting the season of the play “Haciendo la legua” by José Ángel Soto, directed by Víctor Hugo Galván 2018. Fellow of the northeast cultural region for artistic residences 2018 and PACMYC 2017. Actor in the play“ Tempestad ”by Enrique Mijares, Dir. Ana Herrera and José Ángel Soto (FONCA 2017-2018 Scenic creators). Participation in the Children's Reading Festival in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 2019 as puppeteer of Magic Box. Jesús Emmanuel Burciaga Jiménez Borned in Durango, México in 1983. Bachelor in Communication Science Techniques UAD 2006-2010. He has worked as children actor with teachers from Durango performing at the IMSS theater, later at his times of study he founded three theater groups at Autonomy University from Durango, Psychology School UJED and Proscenio, the last one he still working on it raising several drama works, some of them directed for children. He has collaborated with Colectivo Cuerda Floja in different shows as musician and actor. His last work “Niños Chocolate” supported by a National Grant of Fine Arts, National School Theater Program.

Dates & Location

Thursday 24th - 26th October, 2019

1 day;


English, Arabic

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