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Listening and Sound Design


Have you ever dreamt of composing your own music? What if we told you it is more plausible than you think! And with your own voice as well?! "Listening and Sound Design" is a catalyst for composing heart-captivating vocal music. Participants will record their voices, discuss their recordings and inputs, to find themselves attesting to hidden musical wonders they didn't perceive in their imaginations! This approach in composing music can be vital in helping you endure your everyday troubles and enjoy life with newfound happiness that music can bring.

Dates & Location

Thursday 10th - 11th October, 2019

1 day;

Knowledge Tower - Floor 7 - Music Studio


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Markus Brunner

Markus Brunner, describes himself as the artist Kissing Fountain as follows: Kissing Fountain is both a metaphor and a promise. Trust yourself, follow…