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Launch of Two Books


The event will hold the lunch of two new book by Saudi Aramco which are meant to support the Arabic language and enrich its resources.
“Arabic Editing Guide” a unified reference for Arabic language editing that is followed in the company, especially for terminologies and complex phrases. The guide also highlights some of the common linguistic and expressional mistakes to help avoid them.
“Saudi Aramco Dictionary of Oil and Gas” sums up the experiences of subsequent generations of translators who worked in the company for decades and reflects the diverse translation schools which these translators followed and the environment where they worked. This dictionary is accredited because of the experiences and great skills of the translators and because of its official use by the biggest petroleum company in the world.

Muhammed Amin Abu Al-Makarem: is the deputy editor-in-chief for Al-Qafilah magazine and the head of texts review unit at the publishing department.

Asrar Al-Gharib: joined Saudi Aramco last September and she currently works in the translation department at Saudi Aramco service management as a specialized translator. She previously worked as a translator for nine years at Dhahran local schools.

Dates & Location

Thursday 12th December, 2019

1 day; 30 mins / day




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