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Islamic Geometry


A unique art intricacy is depicted on blank paper, simple tools and special techniques trace grids of circles and lines. Enrich yourself with Islamic Geometric art skills from Samira Mian, an educator and artist with workshops at several centers across the globe from the United Kingdom, Canada, and Abu Dhabi.
Artistic education has welcomed Islamic Geometric art at Ithra. Immerse yourself in the cultural art form and learn how to design patterns onto tracing paper, transfer and tile it onto watercolor to create a colorful, intricate combination.
Samira Mian will cultivate the three-day workshop with teachings of theme patterns from Morocco, the late Ottoman Empire, and those of Mughal India. Master your hands artistic abilities with rigor technique using a compass and straight edge, paint the detailed patterns with watercolor and gouache, and to witness your artistic potential in the year-old art form.

Dates & Location

Thursday 19th - 21st December, 2019

1 day; 3 hrs / day

Knowledge Tower



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Samira Mian

Samira Mian is an educator and an artist. She holds an extensive background in teaching geometric art workshops across the world, some of her notable…