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Introduction to Natural Dye


In her "Introduction to Natural Dye" Julie Bak-Christensen, a sociologist and artist, will guide you in a journey to uncover the possibilities of marble painting techniques. The workshop explores marbling and natural dye techniques using traditional and modern methods. Participants will be able to produce silk scarfs to their own designs utilizing the refreshing and invigorating colors of natural dyes. Julie has taught and published her unique expertise in many countries around the world and has devoted a considerable part of her time to hosting events and art exhibitions.

Dates & Location

Thursday 10th - 11th October, 2019

1 day;

Knowledge Tower - Floor 8 - Classroom 1


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Julie Bak-Christensen

Facilitator bio: Julie Bak-Christensen is a teacher and sociologist by training and a self taught artist. Her artistic practice is dedicated to…