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Introduction to Exhibition Design


Introduction to Exhibition Design" introduces different theories and origins of creative exhibition designs. Drawing your inspiration form cinematic styles and mediums you will design your own exciting exhibitions. The workshop explores "Ithra" exhibitions, giving a detailed look at the creative and unconventional techniques of design used. Participants will learn how to design an engaging show, that will resonate with its audience. The workshop will be presented by award-winning professional graphic designer Tarik Atrissi, a director of an international design studio in Barcelona and one of the most renowned designers in the Arab world.

Dates & Location

Friday 4th - 5th October, 2019

1 day;

Knowledge Tower - Floor 7 - Music Studio


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Tarek Atrissi

Tarek Atrissi is a Dutch -Lebanese Graphic designer and typographer running his internationally acknowledge design studio based in Barcelona, Spain.…