Idea Lab Talk by Janet Echelman


Janet Echelman is an artist who used unexpected methods to create extraordinary art. With combined old craft and computerized design, she has created art sculptures that ripple into different forms in the wind and change colors in the light. Echelman’s pieces are public art that pull viewers in to interconnect with the designs. Her incomputable art has transformed cityscapes and awed onlookers.

Her Ted Talk, ‘Taking Imagination Seriously,’ captivated the live audience and Internet watchers alike. Her persistence that led to her art form and her incomprehensible search into the world of voluptuous engineering technique, steered her to create permanent vast arts across the world. With her fiber art displayed in Beverly Hills, Dubai, Portugal, Sydney, and Hong Kong, amongst many other cities worldwide, she will be visiting Ithra’s Idea Lab to give insight on her journey and her one of kind masterwork.

Dates & Location

Thursday 19th December, 2019

1 day; 1 hrs 30 mins / day

idea lab - Show Tank


English, Arabic

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